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Client Testimonials

I fought colon cancer and won

Fatuma Abdi, 41 was raising her daughter and working as a businesswoman in Eldoret in 2006. Suddenly she was hospitalised with a grim diagnosis of liver cancer.

“I was sure that death was imminent. I asked my sister to adopt my child. My condition deteriorated so I asked my brother to let me go home and die.” Before she reached home, Fatuma stumbled on an alternative that led to her full recovery.

While the pharmaceutical industry focuses on pioneering new and profitable drugs in the billion-dollar-a-day cancer industry, alternative practitioners believe that understanding the cause of cancer is paramount. Dr Shadrack Moimett of Koibatek Clinic explains, “Understanding cancer is the beginning of healing. Cancer is a lifestyle disease.

Get rid of toxins in the body

It is caused by a buildup of toxins from what we eat and our environment. To eliminate cancer we stop the intake of these toxins, and remove those that have accumulated. We also use targeted phytomedicines (herbs) which destroy the cancer cells.”

Moimett learned the practice of herbal medicine from his grandmother, who is still alive though very old. Fatuma, mentioned at the outset, sought treatment at his clinic.

“I took the treatments and within six months the hospital scans showed no sign of cancer. Later one hospital staff member asked me about, “That sister of yours who died.” I said, “But it is me!” They could not recognise me!’ This happened six years ago.

Alternative medicine or death

Another alternative healing therapist, Dr George Karago explains; “The difference between herbal medicine and conventional medicine is that ours involves immune boosting, detoxification, nutritional enhancement, and administration of herbs that trigger the tumour to gently disintegrate.

This methodology eliminates chances of the cancer recurring because the underlying cause would have been eliminated.” A similar approach is held by many alternative practitioners globally, whether they use Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, or traditional herbs.

Mzee Thomas Murei who beat prostate cancer through herbal therapy 

Who was 75, showed satmag his medical documents from Koibatek Herbal clinic in Eldoret, "In 2009 I was diagnosed  with prostate cancer ,Typhoid , Bronchitis and Brucellosis. I took the herbs from this clinic .Today I am riding my bike and farming ". Cancer is not a death sentence .

Patients and practitioners around the world are successfully exploring alternative treatment option .Knowledge , a positive attitude, and a strong support system are powerful factors to survive this illness that will one day be a thing of the past.

"Suffered diabetes for long .But  I visited Koibattek herbs  clinic in 2005 now the rest is the history  Dr. Moimett  may God bless you  and  with the healing mission" by Mr.Patrick

Mrs.Mercy "Prostate cancer this is the desease I had been suffering of before I visited  Dr.Moimett , I sufferd from this decease for a period of 6 years after discovering,  actually it was officially added  into may past records  once I approached his herbal  clinic in 2009". 





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